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Jim Kozak

Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Jim is responsible for the overall day to day financial operations at OPAC in addition to helping evaluate and source alternative investment opportunities.

Over the course of Jim’s 25+ year financial career he has been an active financier for 5 companies that went IPO:  Motricity (Nasdaq: MOTR), Infinera (Nasdaq: INFN), Amyris (Nasdaq: AMRS), Peregrine Semiconductor (Nasdaq: PSMI) and Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE).  In addition, Jim was an active financier to more than ½ dozen M&A events in companies such as:  Raza Microelectronics (Acquired by Netlogic), Foveon (Acquired by Sigma Corporation), Turin Networks (Acquired by Force10), Force10 (Acquired by Dell), Netxen (Acquired by QLogic), Allegiance (Merged with Maritz Holdings), Soasta (Acquired by Akamai), Task Rabbit (Acquired by Ikea), and eAsic (acquired by Intel).

Jim’s current portfolio of investments includes SunBasket,  Sellpoints, Smule, Revel Systems,  Knowi, LiquidspaceEmpire Real EstateMetricly, and Famous. Jim is a Board Observer to several of these active investments.

Working at the same firms with Gordon Fallone for over a decade now, Jim has developed a trusted global network of Family Offices, High Net-Worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity firms, Real Estate firms and other advisors in the legal, financial and technology industries. Jim’s network has delivered over $500M in aggregate capital for alternative investments.


Jim holds a BA in Business Management from Ripon College.


  • Sun Basket

  • Smule

  • Sellpoints

  • Revel Systems

  • LiquidSpace

  • Knowi

  • Bloom Energy

  • MetricStream

  • Metricly

  • Famous


  • Infinera (Nasdaq: INFN)

  • Raza Microelectronics (Acquired by Netlogic)

  • Motricity (Nasdaq: MOTR)

  • Amyris (Nasdaq: AMRS)

  • Allegiance (Acquired by Maritz)

  • Soasta (Acquired by Akamai)

  • Peregrine Semiconductor (Nasdaq: PSMI, Acquired by Murata Electronics)

  • TaskRabbit (Acquired by IKEA)

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