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How do you qualify?

A Qualified Institutional Buyer is a corporation that is deemed to be an accredited investor as defined in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Rule 501 of Regulation D. A QIB owns and invests a minimum of $100 million in securities on a discretionary basis.

Are you a Qualified Institutional Buyer?

A Qualified Client is defined in Rule 205-3 of the Investment Advisers Act. Currently, an individual or entity is a qualified client if he, she, or it:  (i) has $1,000,000 or more of assets under management with the investment adviser after the investment in the fund;  (ii) has a net worth of $2,100,000 prior to the investment in the fund (excluding the value of his or her primary residence).

Are you a Qualified Client?

A Qualified Purchaser is an investor that meets any of the following criteria:  (i) an individual or family-owned business not formed for the specific purpose of acquiring the interest in the fund that owns $5,000,000 or more in investments;  (ii) a trust not formed for the specific purpose of acquiring the interest in the fund which is sponsored by and managed by qualified purchasers;  (iii) an individual or entity not formed for the specific purpose of acquiring the interest in the fund which owns and invests at least $25,000,000 in investments (or someone who is acting on account of such a person); or  (iv) an entity, of which each beneficial owner is a qualified purchaser.

Are you a Qualified Purchaser?
Do you have previous private placement experience?
How much of your net worth or investable assets have been invested into alternative investments, including private equity?
Do you understand the risks associated with Private Equity and Venture Capital?
Are you affiliated with any FINRA member?
Have you previously invested in Real Estate / Oil and Gas Limited Partnerships?
Are you affiliated with (officer, employee, agent of) a Venture Capital firm or fund?


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Private Equity and Venture Capital Investments involve a high degree of risk, are illiquid,  and investor should be able to afford loss of entire investment.